What’s Your Sign?

As many of you know by now we are moving full steam ahead on the Sculpture Park. One critical task is adding and updating the signage to make sure people are aware of this new destination. Today I had the opportunity to sit down with the owner of Stokes Sign Company, Nancy Stokes Hearn to discuss ideas for the park signage.



For those of you that don’t know, Nancy is a long-time resident of Lakeway and has single handedly branded the entire area it seems. Her company’s handiwork is seen as you enter the Lakeway City limits, dine at your favorite restaurants or drop your kids off to the local schools.

Nancy graduated with an art degree and took the less obvious path with her career – sign master. And we are glad she did. It will be an honor working with her and her team as we develop the entrance experience for the Bee Cave Sculpture Park. In addition, look for more news about the individual signs for the sculptures. Our goal is to make it as interactive of an experience as possible and the Stokes team has some great ideas.

Thanks for all you do in the community and for your help and support on this project.

What are you working on?

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