Sculpture Park Progress Update

Things are moving right along at the Sculpture Park. We have the stones installed for the new sign – check out Facebook for some of those pics – and now we are moving on to the meat of the work. This week we had 5 of the 11 pad sites installed. Once the forms come down we will work on staining the bases so they blend into the surroundings. We’ve also started preparing the site for the trail work. Part of that process will be rerouting the trails, making them wider and improving the borders on both sides.

Once that is done we will move on to creating the bridges that go over the drainage areas. Once that is done we will start the process of installing the sculptures. We’ve had some amazing submissions come in and they are are going to fit perfectly at the site. Our plan is still to get the sculptures installed in October so we can open before the end of the year.


Stay tuned for more news. We have some very unique and special things planned that will make the Park a one-of-a-kind experience for adults and kids alike.

What are you working on?

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