The Bee Cave Arts Foundation’s (BCAF) Artist’s Registry provides an online index of artists aiming to connect with individuals and organizations who are interested in artistic endeavors.

Founded in 2009, the BCAF has established a broad community of artists and art enthusiasts throughout Bee Cave and the greater Austin area. Our Artist’s Registry is an excellent tool for artists looking for more exposure, and for collectors and supporters who are interested in discovering the rich variety of artists in the area. Business cards and additional hard copy information on the artists may be found at the BCAF’s Community Art Center, The Hive.

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Beatrice Baldwin

Keeping the centuries old painters’ trompe l’oeil game alive, many of my recent paintings contrast illusion with the painted surface.  Playing with metamorphosis, transformation, imagination, and the delicate balance between our perception of reality and the painted surface; fantasy and whimsy have begun to emerge.  Many paintings play with combining realistic images, fantasy and imagination.   For the past several decades my primary medium has been transparent watercolor.

Sofia Besondy

I express life through the uncertain combination of acrylic colors, curves and lines that somehow combine into something purposeful and orderly. My acrylics express life as a wonderful fractal of God’s creation. So often our eyes can’t bring life into focus. Until one day we hear the soft words of the Holy Spirit in our ears. Carried by the words of the Spirit the plan for our life materializes before our eyes. What used to look like a mess, is now a wondrous plan. Life is a Fractal. It all makes sense.

Bruce Bingham

Most well known for her preeminent oil paintings, Bruce Bingham has been a professional artist for over 3 decades. Her exclusive artwork is internationally sought after by collectors in 14 countries, both privately and corporately.

As an artist I capture this magical moment in time on canvas for you with explosions of color, juicy oil paints and textures with lush brushwork. I believe we live in a world filled with wonder, surrounded by hidden beauty naturally embedded everywhere. Many miss it, some never see it, and others overlook it.

Kristen Blauvelt
Found on Facebook and Instagram (Crawford Leigh Designs)

I have spent most of my artistic path focused on painting, specifically with acrylics. Although, that doesn’t limit my interest and excitement for other art materials. I’ve also enjoyed learning intricacies of water color and oil, as well as crafting and woodworking with my husband and hope to broaden my passion through these different mediums. My inspiration is drawn from natural beauty which of course is in the eye of the beholder. So it’s been wonderful to see how this changes with each season of my life. I enjoy painting and creating because it’s limitless. I will never conquer its boundaries and for that I am truly thankful that God has given me such a love for art.

Beatriz Cezon-Vivas

My work for the past 25 years has revealed my passion for beauty, vibrant colors, and a deep connection with my childhood in Spain. I find myself constantly returning to bold hues, exuberant shapes and designs, and an exploration of new realities with a hint of hilarity. 

Clay is my connection to Mother Earth, a magical raw material that is transformed by fire allowing me to express my feelings through volumes, colors, and textures.

Deby Childress

I make mixed media art using recycled materials. I love the journey/hunt to find the objects used in my work. Thrift shops and garage sales really make me happy. It is fun looking through shelves of materials and thinking, “What could I make that into? How could I use this?” One person’s trash is definitely my treasure to find.

I have always been attracted to wooden objects.  I love the different types of woods, the variety of stains used, the weight and feel of the wood. Each wooden object seems to contain a history and has a story to tell. When traveling I always visit the area thrift stores. In those shops I have discovered some of my best finds.

Vicki Erickson

The need to create has always been a part of me even though I had no formal artistic training before beginning college. I taught art at all levels, K-12, and have experimented in nearly every medium possible, but now concentrate on doodle art and collages. I can take any word, name, etc. and create a personalized piece of art. Some of that is also found in the collages I create from old books, maps, magazines, sheet music…any thing I think works well together. Both mediums invite the observer to look and look again. My goal is to create a “feeling”, not a “thing”.

Sherry Fields

When I am not creating, I am not myself. I am at my best when I am painting, writing or simply playing with a new medium. It is what I have always done and as I get older, I give myself permission to do this more frequently. I try to create every day and although there are days that “real life” gets in the way, when I am my true self, I am an artist. I love pastels, watercolors and oil paints and although I occasionally work with clay or printmaking which I have enjoyed in the past, I always find myself drawn back to oils or pastels. My work varies in style from impressionistic to abstract but recently, I have been combining the two so that much of my work is representative but contains a very heavy abstract influence. I enjoy the element of mystery in an abstract painting and like the viewer to bring their own ideas and interpretation to the work.

Pat Flathouse

I grew up in the Texas Panhandle and spent time with my grandmother who was an artist. I developed a love for painting and am moved by a deep sense of wonder at the beauty that exists in nature. As an artist I love using brushes and color to capture beauty on my canvas. I love painting flowers, landscapes, sunsets and animals in my Treetop Studio in West Lake Hills, Texas.

Rosemary Foster

I had painted a little over a period of years but never had time to give it my full attention.  After the family grew up I began to paint more and more.  While working at the University of Texas at Austin I was able to complete all of the Art History courses for a degree, save for the studio art requirement.  I was not able to fit these classes into a full time work schedule.  When on vacations, I began to participate in art workshops: the first with Joseph Bohler, watercolorist, at the Donner Ranch near Taos, New Mexico.  I began to work in oil paints in 2002 and have participated in several workshops in the northern New Mexico area, three with landscapist Don Ward, others at Ghost Ranch and in west Texas.  I love painting plein aire and am beginning to paint more still life.
Landscape artists that inspire me are Maynard Dixon, E. Martin Hennings, and Oscar Berninghaus.  By daily painting and insights drawn from the works of these artists of the past and innumerable current painters, I find that painting is a joyful learning process and a means to share my impressions of the American Southwest.

Rhonda Padon Gibson

Art is vital to my existence, in fact I try to make something every day.  Primarily a painter, my work is evolving to include more collage elements.  Torn maps, exploded fireworks, losing lotto tickets, and tattered children’s books are a few items I save from the trash and repurpose to build my compositions and support my narratives.

My creative process is driven by the philosophies of Barney Saltzberg’s “beautiful oops”, and of Salvador Dali’s “certainty of chance”.  I love to experiment, problem solve, and create very unique work.

Ginger Grasley


My art explores the relationship between visual arts and music.

I create paintings of significant musical instruments placing them in situations that represent the musical style and energy of their fans, pop-culture of the times and other idiosyncrasies associated with the musicians.

By combining an energetic use of color and metal I capture both the raw energy and power of the subject instrument.

Georgia Hagan

I rediscovered my love of art at the age of 81. I had neglected art since high school, but after joining Lakeway Painters I became re-inspired.
I use colored pencils on sanded paper for animal paintings. By sharpening each pencil to a fine point, I can achieve the detail I want. My goal is to give each animal a three-dimensional look, and capture its personality.
Dog and cat portraits are my specialty, but I love to paint exotic animals too. I am also trying to branch out to other subjects as I find things that inspire me to paint.

Melanie Hickerson
(512) 459-9539

Melanie Hickerson paints not what was previously known but gives recognition. Her paintings are well constructed objects of heart, intellect, and skill. They are metaphors in paint for breath and life.

There is a love of good craft and well made artifacts of a discipline and of an ambition. The palette is high key like the intense light of the Southwest where she has lived most of her life. Melanie makes her voice heard in her imagery as well as her color.

LA Hollins

Modern abstract expressionist creating from remote Texas Hill Country art studio. Dense layered organic intuitive abstracts related to nature, garden, wildlife, seclusion and fragmented technology. Themes of joy, hope, loss and spirituality. Mixed media on canvas and glass using light reflective interference, metallic and fluorescent paints. Exploring art and life through paint, color and process. #BlueStonesArt #TheArtLocker

Penny Jamrack

In observing the myriad forms, textures and colors of our natural environment, appreciating its beauty and drama, and realizing we are part of this too, I find inspiration for artwork in a variety of media.

I hope that others can share the feelings I try to express.

Leslie Kell

Leslie Kell creates her surreal artworks using an original technique that synthesizes her artistry in design and photography. She works with natural and architectural forms to create virtual environments in which her photos are assembled into the spaces and patterns of her visionary designs. As the imagery interacts to create the highlights, shadows, contours, and textures of the new image; it also mingles and blurs to offer discoveries deeper within the composition. The complex and layered works are visual encounters where a light beam or a fleeting reflection can ignite a spark as it passes between reality and illusion. The result reveals a place you might not recognize—but, somehow, have been waiting to visit. The more you look, the more you see.

Eileen Kuchinsky

My mission is to be an advocate and increase awareness of the importance of the arts in the lives of our children. Art allows us to explore, experiment and helps us keep in touch with our inner selves. For me Art Is A Universal language and the first language of children!! Art allows us to share cultures and bring us together in peace and harmony. 
As an artist, I have been intrigued by patterns in nature and how they translate into all forms of art. I enjoy creating small spaces in my home that emphasize bright colors, textures and harmony. I have expressed my art over 35 years as an elementary art teacher in Florida. 
I love abstract art and organic shapes. It is my feeling that it allows for unique interpretations. I also enjoy writing poetry, gardening and cooking which give freedom to artistic interpretation!

Ben Kuenemann

I use indelible pens to do my sketch and then put my watercolors on quickly.

I paint places I have been and things I have seen and sometimes just make something up.

I typically paint a small (5×7) “value study” to see if I like my composition and colors.

Jennifer Landis

Jennifer Landis is a self taught artist working with acrylics on canvas, using a variety of methods from brush and palette knife to fluid acrylic techniques to mixed media applications. She sees her abstract artwork as a study in “composed chaos,” inspired by land, water, and sky as well as metallic minerals; nature’s own color palette. She is a nature lover, holding the belief that there is no better inspiration for art than the simple beauty of the world around us which is frequently overlooked in this fast paced world. Jennifer strives to capture this beauty in abstract form through natural color palettes both neutral and with pops of color. Her artwork has a flow that is often described as “relaxing” or “calming” to the senses. Her hope is that her artwork conveys a sense of wonder and inspiration to others

Nina Linden

Originally born in Copenhagen, Denmark, I traveled the world before settling in the US in 1972.
I have been painting predominantly acrylic on canvas for the past 40 years on and off taking time off to raise my two children, and again traveling with them from the Middle East to Europe.
Throughout the years, I have gone from an almost mathematical precision using linear methods, finally expanding to a more expressive use of life’s influences to emote all of those experiences through art. 
After living in Austin for the past 13 years, I am excited to start a new venture into this eclectic art community.

I create vibrant and playful art. My creative journey is as much spontaneous and playful, as it is meditative and introspective. 

I grew up in India in a family of engineers and educators. Art has been the one constant in my life, even while I built my career in electrical engineering. My life is now a balance of being an artist, an engineer, a mother, an educator and a human being. I’m based in Austin, TX. 

Maybe my art is able to contribute to your journey in some special way. I’m here to help you find a piece of art that you can connect with.  

The main message in my art is one of building a supportive community. Hopefully when you look at my art you see that I can’t create art alone, that it’s made possible with support from you, my friends and family. I hope that the vibrant colors in my art inspire you to be positive, to collaborate, to nurture and support. 

Dorothy Metting

The images in my artwork are not always limited by reality, but often are the illusions of my imagination. As a dream is ‘free thought,’ unburdened by reality, my imagination leads in the creation of my artwork. I may refer to nature or my surroundings for reference, although the destination is to create, not imitate.

Connie Miller

I work as a landscape painter in Austin,Texas. My inspiration is primarily from the woods near my house where I walk the trails in the morning; it’s this experience of constant observation that informs my work. Instead of working straight from photographic information, I rely on visual and sense memory to guide the painting.

While I tend to move back and forth from realism to abstraction, my ultimate goal is to be as loose as possible, to create work that hints at, more than describes the landscape. Using a palette knife, or oil sticks, I put down spots of color in a grand experiment that pushes the limits of credulity for the viewer. Can bright pink really read as bright sunlight?

Linda Montignani
512-829-1188 (text only)

Art for me usually ranges from colorful abstractions of landscape to more surreal and mystical paintings. My process of working takes the form of a pendulum at times. It swings back and forth between the study of Nature, Her color and composition, and intuitive expression from within myself, which sometimes takes a more mystical form. Having practiced meditation for more than half my life, when I immerse myself in the creation of art, it also becomes a process of meditation. When working in silence and connecting with that deepest part of myself, whether working from memory or allowing images to arise as they will, diverse and surprising compositions result.

Erica MoonErica Moon

I’ve enjoyed drawing and painting all my life, While I started off exclusively doing monochromatic designs, I’ve found that I love an overabundance of color, and enjoy bringing out the colors hiding in nature – and even some colors that are hiding so deeply that they don’t exist except in my imagination.  I work primarily in acrylics, and do work with a lot of movement in it.

Marla Ripperda

What is my art about?

It’s about raucous joy, quiet beauty, and the humor which makes us HUMan.

Julie Schmidt

Painting is my therapy – it can be challenging, but ultimately yields great rewards. As you look at my paintings, you will see what interests me – things that I hold dear, bring me joy and are humorous. There is always something in sight that serves as an inspiration for a painting and I’m always up to the challenge of turning an inspiration into a piece of art.

Denise Schneyer

Art has always been a part of my life. Throughout time I have studied at C W Post College in NY, and with various artists in classes, and on an individual basis. I was born and raised in New York and moved to Texas in 1975 where I have lived for most of my life. For seven years I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii, where I joined with other artists in a cooperative, finally having time to enjoy art with retirement.
I work in many mediums, including pastels, acrylics and mixed media but find myself leaning to the pastel medium for many smaller pieces. Subjects range from pet portraits, landscapes and seascapes and the abstract. My travels have exposed me to many beautiful places and moments so that I never lack for inspiration. My preference is to work primarily in originals. Each piece is a new expression, a new vision, and when complete, I let go of that creation and move on to the next. By allowing myself to enjoy the creativity of art, I feel my work is more passionate, spontaneous and above all, fun.

Karen Schrupp

Another whole world opened up to me 16 years ago when I moved from Minnesota to Austin, Texas.  I started taking watercolor classes from a watercolor artist, Clara Newby. As a keen observer of nature and a horticulturist by training, I naturally gravitated towards plants, flowers, trees, water and sky.  I enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature and the world around me.  My painting started out as therapy for me and has taken me through the highs and lows that life presents to us all.  

I have taken classes with instructors at Laguna Gloria(Contemporary Austin) and Waterloo Watercolor Group (of which I am a member).  A recent class with Gerald Brommer, a famous watercolorist and collage artist taught me watercolor collage.  
The Visual Voice I am creating in my paintings moves me in many directions and all emanate from the longings of my soul.

Kat Sherby

Kat’s abstract creations are inspired mainly by shapes and patterns found in nature. Based on adding and subtracting color, layering and glazing, scratching and sanding, the joy and excitement of her painting process is expressed in colorful, inventive techniques using acrylics, watercolor, graphite, colored pencil, crayon and marker.
An illustrative style for her pet portraits developed through her career as a graphic designer. The pets are hand-sketched using a photo as reference. Then the drawing is scanned into Adobe Illustrator where the refined shapes are filled with flat colors to create a “paint-by-number” look—but always contain a clever or humorous twist.
Kat’s imaginative landscapes come from her love of growing up in the Iowa countryside evoking a tranquil and simpler time and sustaining her artistic passion for making beautiful things.
No matter what medium or technique she chooses, her love of drawing shines through.

Joyce Stephen

After many years spent in the corporate world of high tech as a software engineer and in real estate, I’m now able to spend time every day on my art.  I celebrate the pure joy of each day by attempting to capture its fleeting magic on canvas.   Inspiration comes from the dance of light on everyday objects – the early morning sun shining through a golden leaf –-the rhythm of a favorite song and the love of friends and family. Bits of found objects, book pages, house plans, and sewing patterns often find their way into my many mixed media layers, paying tribute to the everyday tapestry of our lives. My goal is to provide visual interaction and simple enjoyment.

Nick Stevenson

Nick Stevenson is an Artist/Actor/Director. His inspiration comes from his travels across the world and the way he sees life. He tries to draw on the less obvious and encourages his viewers to look for story in his works. Sometimes Nick’s works are to encourage a cerebral response, sometimes they are there to please the eye. Ultimately they are there to share works through his life.

Laura Sturtz

I enjoy developing artwork using both geometric and organic forms. Many of my pieces are comprised of fragments of various materials: frequently metals, wood, that I have made, altered and/or found. I strive to unify these elements in various forms. I ‘play’ in a variety of formats because life is too short to keep doing the same thing.

When working with surface quality, I often allow the beauty of the accidental surfaces to remain, but also choose to impose an order and merge the separate elements. The connections are a reflection of diversity unified to create a new form.

Lonni Swanson
Please visit my art page on Facebook: L.SwansonArt

I retired from a 30+-year career in advertising and marketing summer 2016, and now have time to paint, paint, paint. I work in any kind of water medium – watercolor and acrylic, plus a little casein or gouache and collage elements thrown in. Watercolor is still my favorite, because of the happy accidents, washy backgrounds, and contrasts in the edges. I am inspired by the French impressionists, Colorado artist Stephen Quiller … and stillRashmi Thakur, Andrew Wyeth. My subject matter varies according to my current inspiration, so it’s all over the map: animals, landscapes, and landscapes with animals. Plus the occasional street scene or field of flowers. I find JOY in painting and only hope that on occasion my art elicits joy in others

Rashmi Thakur

I am a visual artist and work in various mediums to express my art. Most of my paintings are in Watercolors, Acrylics, and Oil Paints. My paintings are inspired by my multicultural background, nature, culture, people, lifestyle, and travels. I love to experiment with my paintings and styles vary from realistic to abstract. Every single art I create from my soul to inspire, bring joy, happiness, smile, beauty, and gratitude, even in things that appear insignificant and invisible during our busy lives.

I am very thankful for this lovely gift, and I nourish it with paintings, coaching arts and being active in my local art community.

Suzanne Thomas

Working in the mediums of pastel and acrylic, Suzanne enjoys painting primarily landscapes that capture the beauty of an area and convey a sense of peace, calm and tranquility…Something we all need more of right now. That being said, she occasionally likes to explore a scene that elicits a deeper emotional response to life’s challenges.

Anna Thiele

Our Imagination is a vehicle, it can take you anywhere! I truly believe that when you allow yourself to experiment with your artwork, can imagine that texture, color or light, you can create it. My art is a reflection of how I see life and light in objects and people. I have been painting since I was a child and my main concentration is acrylic paint and mixed media. My mother, grandmother and great grandmother have the artist talent and I feel a great connection to my family when I allow myself the time to paint. It is a joy to paint and I always love to share that joy with others. I have painted murals in newly built homes and have worked on murals for community theater. I hope to continue contributing creatively to my community here in the Bee Cave/Lakeway/Spicewood area.

Gail Threinen

My art form is Chinese Brush Painting and Chinese Calligraphy.  Brush painting is judged on the skill of the brushstroke.  That skill is learned through Chinese Calligraphy, which I practice every morning.  In ancient China, calligraphy was considered the highest art form and in the Mandarin language, there is no word for “painting” as such.  The Chinese would say that I “wrote” these pictures.  Chinese brush painting does not use any of the rules of Western art.  I try to “experience” rather than just “look” and then paint with my spirit or, as the Chinese would say, my “heart-mind”.  I try to capture the energy of the subject, not the pictographic image.  I am enjoying being connected with painters throughout over 2,000 years of history, studying their skills and techniques but painting subjects that I enjoy from my perspective.

Katie Van Wyngeeren

Katie works in Lakeway Texas with a range of media. A sense of whimsy and fun weave themselves throughout her pieces. She predominately works with watercolors or acrylics accented with ink, which adds a storybook quality. 

Her work reflects her love of color, pattern, and texture in combination with a representational style. She takes liberties with her color palette often straying from reality.

She extends her work beyond 2D creating jewelry from combinations of art papers, fabrics and other materials. Katie also loves dabbling in the traditional folk Art of the Ukrainian Egg.

Tom White

Derived somewhat from his own limitations in viewing color and his explorations into the nature of reality, Tom’s inspiration has been to call attention to the vastness and limitations of perception.

He is constantly teasing the viewer’s interest and curiosity through the use of contrasting colors, shapes, and design: exaggerating what is given to make the viewer look deeper and carry that vision into his or her own world, their own reality. Colors, shapes and perspective in his paintings don’t always match what we have come to expect.

Shelly Wiedel

My art is nothing more than an obsession to achieve what my heart is telling my hands to create.

My artwork links the visual based emotion that is created when you are flying in an airplane, and look out of the window, and see a beautiful ocean or sunset and you want to reach out and touch it.  I want people to have that moment of “Wow, I wish I was there” from looking at or touching one of my pieces.  

Robin Wise

My passions lie in the minute and often unobserved happenings of the natural world all around us. As our fast-paced and technological lives march on, so are the lives of the plants, insects, and animals around us modifying, adapting, and seeking to flourish in an ever-changing environment. I craft animalistic ceramic sculpture that is elegant, functional, and possessing a charismatic personality all it’s own. Combining wheel-thrown elements with slabs, coils, and other hand-sculpted components is my technical joy. I love nothing more than to texture, stretch, slump, and drop my thrown pots for a unique, personal touch. No two people or animals are exactly alike, and neither are my pots. 

Linda Zwern
Facebook: Lynn Zwern

Lynn Zwern is best known for her strong sense of color and design which she incorporates into dramatic watercolors, alcohol inks, acrylics and other mediums she works.
Her paintings, on top of capturing the mood of her subject, are always vibrant and radiant.

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