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Donated by: The Bee Cave Rotary

The Rotary Club of Bee Cave is a non-profit organization of local business and professional people who meet weekly to organize and participate in community and humanitarian projects on the local and international level.

Artist: Bro Mel Meyer 
As a Florissant, Missouri native, Brother Mel Meyer has worked as a resident artist in St. Louis over the past thirty-five years. After joining the “Marianists” (Society of Mary) in 1947, he completed his Bachlor of Arts degree at the University of Dayton.

As a talented young artist, he was selected to work with “Yoki” Aebischer in Fribourg, Switzerland and Jacques le Chaveillier in Paris, France during 1958. In 1960, he earned his Masters degree at the University of Notre Dame, studying under internationally renowned artists Ivan Mestrovic and Jean Charlot.

Today, Brother Mel’s work not only reflects numerous travels, but also an ever-expanding ability to create art in a variety of media.

Just in front of Iron Cactus on the far West Side. Perfect to catch a show at the amphitheater or to wait for a table to open up at the restaurant.