Ladder of Courage




Donated by: Lake Travis Fire Rescue Travis County ESD#6

As the Lake Travis population began to grow, so did the fire department’s roster to include the Lakeway Fire Department. The Lakeway Fire Department merged in the mid 70’s with the Hudson Bend Volunteer Fire Department.

In the mid to late 80’s a special Rural Fire Protection District was formed to provide financial funding to the fire department.

In the early 90’s State Legislation was passed allowing voters to establish a political subdivision in attempts to form a Commissioners Board and a stronger tax base, as Rural Fire Protection districts had limited tax amounts. (Chapter 775 of the Health and Safety Code.)

Travis County Emergency Service District Six was formed providing the Hudson Bend Fire Department the financial strength to keep up with community’s needs.

Artist: Derek Mulch
In 2010 Derek moved to Austin. He currently works in a studio in East Austin with four furniture makers, a painter, and a digital artist. They are constantly finding ways to help, collaborate, and inspire one another. He finds his balance by pairing fine wooden furniture with rough wood strip sculpture. His furniture pieces are well planned, tightly fit, and finished. His sculpture is the opposite. By lacking tightly fit joinery and finish, they evolve as they are built with very little planning. With sculpture he has embraced what some would consider flaws, and instead of hiding them, illuminates them exposing their inner beauty.

Just in front of Whole Foods, next to the large fire pit.

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